Vietnam was starred along with Japan, USA, Philippines in the list of hot travel destinations most attractive to tourists in 2016 of Statistics on New Zealand’s Stuff magazine.


New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis and Miami have become the promising cities to attract tourists in 2016. America’s New Orleans, famous for seafood with abundant resources, promise a very busy coming 12 months as visitors come to enjoy all kinds of food from the sea. 2016 is also the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the National Park which will be an opportunity to attract tourists to events organised by conservation parks as Yosemite, Yellowstone and Zion.

White sand blue beach in Hawaii (Source: The Internet)

Additionally, Hawaii is a first choice for anyone who likes sunshine and blue sea. Surfing, sailing, fun dancing the night away, attending the colorful carnival … it’s the experience you’ll have when you arrive in Hawaii.


Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination in Asia thanks to spectacular natural scenery, fascinating novelty traditional cuisines. As Mr Brent Thomas, head of the New Zealand Tourism Association said “the beautiful beaches of Vietnam are inferior to Bali or Thailand, while traveling price is much more affordable. Go along this land by motorcycles, taste a variety of food in all parts of Vietnam is the wonderful experience of your life “.

Halong bay of Vietnam is one of the wonders of the world (Source: The Internet)

Luxury hotels with reasonable rate are springing up everywhere creating opportunities for guests who want to enjoy luxury services. Generally in Vietnam, you will have all kinds of amazing experience.


This is still a relatively new with a passion for travel. The stability of political situation in the Philippines is likely to stimulate the development of the country’s tourism. With a collection of 7,000 islands, Philippines clearly possesses a large potential for the development of marine tourism, especially in 2016 when there will be more flights between the islands of the Philippines. Besides rather familiar Manila, Cebu or Bocaray, you should also try other little known sites as Caloocan or Quezon …

The Philippines is famous for its thousands of beautiful islands (Source; The Internet)


The crowds of Tokyo may make you less interested, but Japanese festivals are always very attractive. Skiing, cherry blossom viewing, or enjoying sushi is what makes you impressed with Japan. The country is actively preparing for the 2020 Olympics, the tournament they will host so there will be a lot of programs which are held from 2016 to 2020 to encourage tourists to Japan. Please note Japan to the list of your tour in 2016.


Australia with kangaroos and deserts are attractive points that make travelers excited to come (Source; The Internet)

Like the US, Australia not only has numerous magnificent modern cities but also owns a strong point which is endless deserts, savannahs and coral reefs which are really attractive to those who like to explore. If you want romance and peace, come to Adelaide. If you enjoy the wonders, select the Great Barrier Reef, one of the wonders of the contemporary world and the largest coral reef system in the world, home of over 30 extremely rare species.


The mix between the present and the past, between modern and wildlife can be found in Brazil. Coming to this country means that you actually start an expedition. Brazil is famous for delicious and diverse food, beautiful beaches, hot dances and the native forests.And it can not be missed that in 2016 Brazil will host the Olympics. There will be millions of tourists to witness the athletes competing, so that there will be a lot of entertainment places which will be held. If you want to have the opportunity to enjoy the festival atmosphere in 2016, do not ignore Brazil.Lunar New Year is coming especially to the Eastern countries like Vietnam or China, if you want to know more about this special festival occasion and want to experience it once in life, check it out at: Tet Nguyen Dan in Vietnam, NOTES FOR TRAVELLING TO VIETNAM ON TET FESTIVAL WITH IDEALTRAVELASIA, VIETNAM LUNAR NEW YEAR – TET HOLIDAY,…

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