Should You Visit Vietnam During Tet?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vietnam tet

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This might be a very common question for many traveler when Vietnam comes to your mind as the next destination. One of the most attractive Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam during Tet is house to many interesting activities. Find out about whether you should or shouldn’t visit Vietnam during Tet in this following article.

For Vietnamese, Tet is the biggest holidays of the year. It is the time for everyone gathering with their family, return to hometown and have a long time for relaxation without any worries of life, honestly. Tet is considered as the time of happiness all over Vietnam. Here are some of the pros and cons of visiting Vietnam during Tet (also known as, Lunar New Year).




Accommodation: no worries of fully booked

Many tourists are put off travelling Vietnam during Tết which means for mid-range accommodation you’ll have plenty of options. You won’t need to book in advance and we’ve even heard of some hotels dropping prices as they’ve had so few customers. Other hotels increase their prices due to the holiday so it’s best to take a look online and see what the best deals are.

All though, in smaller, rural locations it may be difficult to find accommodation during the holiday period.


No fear of crazy traffic

Vietnam is well-known for its crazy traffic, yet during Tet the amount of people riding vehicles are significant less than any other time of the year. That means, you won’t have to be fearful of crossing the streets or for that matter, any activities that involve transportation – namely riding a motorbike.


Food vendors and restaurants still open

Even though by no way is it unique to Vietnam only, street vending is an essential part of city life. Tet is no exception, as most street vendors and even restaurants are open still during this time of the year. You could try first-hand all kinds of cuisine as well as, as you might have guessed it, the traditional Lunar New Year foods that are widely available.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho vietnam tet

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Kết quả hình ảnh cho vietnam tet

Source: Flickr


Transportation will be overloaded

In contrast to the status of accommodation, it won’t be too easy to plan a trip by air, train or bus/van because they are going to be fully booked in advance due to the high demand of the people who work far away from home and wish to return in this holidays.


Service prices could be high

This is not a scam for visitors or foreigners but a common thing even for local. Everything seems to be double priced for Tet, even when you go buy 1 rose in local market it will be much more expensive than normal. So in resume, almost all services are surcharged. A local coffee in normal days is $1.2 but in Tet it will be $2.3!


Sightseeing will be closed

Many main sightseeing points will close during Tet’s time. If you travel with purpose of admiring historical places, knowing about stories of many years ago then Tet is not a perfect timing for you. The advantage of this occasion is the streets are very clear and wide, the beaches have no people, super suitable for who want to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation.


With all being said, it is totally up to you to decide whether to travel to Vietnam this Tet or not. However your decision is, it’s always wise to consult a professional. Contact us for more information regarding your trip to Southeast Asia this Winter-Spring, visa and to work out the best tours at your convenience.



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