Tet festival or Lunar New Year is the largest festival of a year in Vietnam, like a combination of Christmas and New Year to Westerners. It’s great to visit Vietnam during this special time. Just take some notes to get amazing experiences during this holiday.

Price is higher than in normal day.

This is one big concern that seems to occur to most holiday travelers. Don’t expect goods and services to be as cheap and served in full range as stated in your travel guide. On Tet holiday, everything, from a bowl of “pho” to a tailor made suit, with bill or not, will involve a holiday surcharge. Hotel rate should be expected to increase and many restaurants may not have full menu either. Accept this as part of your holiday will relieve you from unnecessary stress.

The entertainment services are increased during on the Tet festivals (Source: Internet)

Shops, stores, companies, markets.. are closed for Tet

Tet is considered time for gatherings and relaxing so local people often often close their shops for the first few days of the new years. You might find big cities like Hanoi or Hochiminh City which are very crowded in normal day are incredibly peaceful in those days. Though those has been gradually changed in the recent year, you should still be aware of this before planning your activities, especially on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Some banners are very familiar on holiday in Vietnam or all countries in the world (Source: Internet)

Booking in advance for your transportation and services

With rather long holiday for Tet, the locals tend to travel back to their hometown, visit friends, or go for holiday trips so the demand for traveling and services, especially hospitality and entertainment, during New Year occasion is extremely high. It is wise of tourists to plan their trips and book everything in advance, especially for high-quality services at hot attractions such as Halong Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Hanoi, etc,.

Book in advance Halong bay Boat cruises ( UNESCO World Heritage Centre ), you will have amazing trip (Source: Internet)

Visiting a person’s house on the first day of the new year (xông nhà)

According to Vietnamese belief, the first person setting foot in the households on the new year is very important in that he/she is believed to hold the entire luck of the family for the whole new year (Tan Nien). Hence this first-foot, usually is a happy and nice person, is deliberately chosen in advance by the host.After spending the first day of new year with family, the locals use the rest of Tet holiday to visit relatives and friends, wishing each other all kinds of good things for new year like happiness, health and success. Visiting pagodas to show respect and wish for a good start of the coming year is also a popular custom.

Welcome the foreign tourists come to ” xong dat ” Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Please remember our useful tips for travelling to Vietnam on Tet festival. Ideal Travel Asia hopes that you will come to Vietnam on Tet and will have unforgettable experiences in the S-shape country. If you need any information about tourism, do not hesitate to contact us via email : enquiries@idealtravelasia.comIt has been my pleasure helping you.Some our trip hope you enjoy :6 DAYS FEELING WARM ABOUT MAICHAU HILL TRIBE IN VIETNAMA 7 DAY TOUR DISCOVERING 3 FAMOUS PROVINCES IN CAMBODIA

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