Today’s travelers tend to seek out luxury, comfort, culture, and adventure, and that certainly will not stop anytime soon. But preferences for how they want to experience these things are changing, and at a rapid pace. Today’s affluent tourists are increasingly seeking more personalized experiences tailored to their individual tastes. This trend is playing out across the world, but in ways unique to different regions. Southeast Asia is no exception.

Well-heeled tourists want to experience the authentic, the unique, and the local. Travel for them, more than ever before, is about a unique, personal journey. As travel becomes easier and more accessible than ever, this search has only become more urgent. Travelers want one-of-a-kind experiences. They want unique accommodations and activities that their own friends and family have never experienced, and they want to return home to share these amazing stories.

To people who travel a lot, they might be bored with hundreds of classic or normal tours. To meet various needs of customers, the travel industry has had many significant changes.

Today, travel in Southeast Asia in particular and in other regions in general can be sorted by 3 main trends as below:

Combining many countries in the region in one tour:

While travllers get used to visiting one country in Southeast Asia about 2 years ago, it is the new trend that nowadays people usually choose to combine 2 or 3 nations to come. Visitors mistakingly think that Asian or Southeast Asian Culture are the same but when they come to discover each nation, they would absolutely be surprised since every nation has its own distinct tradition, even each region in the same country has very unique beauty.

As statistics of Idealtravelasia about the number of tours in 2015, the countries or the groups of countries that travellers would like to visit are:

  • Vietnam – Cambodia
  • Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos
  • Thailand – Laos – Vietnam
  • Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam
  • Thailand – Myanmar

There are many choices more indeed, and it is sure that visitors would love to experience many different cultures in next journeys to far east by the diversity of cultures and the reality of exploring.

Combining travel and experiencing the local’s daily life

Besides the tours that are tailored and designed to particular groups of customers, Visitors are excited to experience local lifestyle by staying at local’s homes. With Ideal Travel tour of “Meet the local”, visitors can live like a local with many interesting daily activities await.

Experience local lifestyle in vietnam

Combining new friends from many countries in one tour

You also have opportunities to make friends with many people from different place

The new trend of a global citizen is spreading to tourism. If you have 2 British people, you totally can join the groups who are from Poland, Italia or South Africa. Traveling together helps create new relationships and exchange cultures in the journey and cut the cost of guide, travel… as well. You would have much new things in your trips.

Ideal Travel Asia provides you with various types of travel which are suitable to each groups of customers. We are proud to meet customers’ satisfaction by understanding their needs and desire. For more information or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

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