Among all the cities in Myanmar, Bagan is the most ideal destination for tourists to visit regardless of the time of the year. Unlike cities in the lower part of Myanmar, Bagan does not experience a rainy season and it is the perfect climate of Bagan that enables tourists to discover and explore the ancient city with ease all year round. Bagan may be an old city, but it does offer something fresh to its visitors. There are many contemporary hotels and establishments for the modern adventurer.

Some brief information about Bagan

Bagan Weather and Climate: Throughout most of the year, Bagan experiences a dry climate. It does not have a rainy season, unlike other cities in Myanmar. The average temperature is around 28 degrees, with the exception of summer. From April to September, the temperature rises to 32 degrees.

The dominated season in Bagan is dry. (Source: The Internet)

Bagan Transportation:

Getting to Bagan is a breeze. The flight time from Yangon to Bagan is only an hour and ten minutes. Those who wish to go on a boat can either take a cruise (for longer trips) or ride a small boat (which often passes through the Irrawaddy River).

Trains from Yangon and Mandalay stop at the Tharzi junction, a station accessible to Bagan by a three-hour drive. As for buses, there are regular coaches from Yangon and Mandalay that head to Bagan.

Exploring the area Bagan is easy because of several transportation choices: Taxis are the most common way to get around but for a different kind of experience try a horse-pulled cart. Sightseeing in Bagan is wonderful, but doing so while riding in a cart is a whole different experience altogether.

Those who are interested in horse carts should ask the hotel to make arrangements about renting one. Visitors who want to roam the city by themselves can also rent bicycles.

Bagan Restaurants

Burmese or Myanmar food is identified as the combination of different Asian styles of cooking: Indian, Chinese, Thai and the like. In Bagan, visitors can expect all these flavours and more from the city’s restaurants.

Foreign travelers who want to experience Burmese cuisine will have no difficulty finding it. Except for eateries which specialize in a specific kind of cuisine, almost all restaurants in Bagan serve Myanmar dishes.

Bagan is the interfering spot of eating habit. (Source: The Internet)

The city is also home to many riverside restaurants. These places allow diners to enjoy noteworthy dishes and a stunning view of the river all at the same time.

Aroma Indian RestaurantFood lovers with a preference for Indian dishes will certainly love Aroma Indian Restaurant in Bagan. Diners love the dish selection and upon ordering they will discover how great Indian food can be. The Indian meals served in this establishment are lent a Western touch.

Location: Yar Kinn Hotel Road, Thiripitssaya Toechet (5), Nyaung Oo.Cuisine: Indian

Golden Myanmar RestaurantThis roadside eatery is a certified hit with travellers. For very little you can enjoy a Burmese buffet. Diners have the option to choose either chicken, pork, fish or mutton curry, which comes with a fried ‘bean stick’ and fruit dessert. Because of its location, it is an ideal place for lunch for people visiting the ancient temples.

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00Location: Beside Ananda Pagoda, Old Bagan.Cuisine: Burmese

Mahar Bagan RestaurantMahar Bagan Restaurant may be relatively new, but it has already gained quite a following among food lovers. This eatery provides a very nice setting for dining, but its appeal to consumers is not solely based on ambiance. Diners can have a different kind of experience with a menu that offers Burmese, Chinese and European dishes.

Location: Khayee Road, Khan Laung Quarter, New Bagan (near to the Chauk-Bagan Roads intersection).Cuisine: Burmese, Chinese, European.

Bagan Attractions

Travellers to Bagan will not have to worry about not having any interesting places to visit. In fact, the only problem they may encounter is deciding on which destination to go to first.

Ananda TempleThis temple is one of the few remaining examples of Mon architecture; it was damaged during a 1975 earthquake but has been successfully restored. The Ananda Temple is recognized as the best preserved and most revered of Bagan temples.

Location: South-east of Tharabar Gate in Old Bagan.

Bagan is famous for its palatial temples. (Source: The Internet)

Bagan Archaeological MuseumThis Bagan attraction was officially opened in 1998. Tourists who want to explore the history of Old Bagan can visit the museum to see objects used during the Bagan period.

The first floor houses the showrooms for visual arts and coiffures of court ladies, while the second floor has display rooms with religious themes.

Opening Hours: 09:30-15:00 daily except Mondays and public holidays.Location: Northern part of Bagan, in the Old Bagan region.

Bu Pagoda (Bu Paya)The name of this Bagan attraction already gives a perfect description of the place: Bu Paya means ‘a gourd-shaped pagoda.’ According to legend, Pyusawhti rid the area of ‘bu,’ which was a gourd-like climbing plant that infested the riverbanks. As a reward, he became the heir to the throne of Bagan and its third king.

Location: On the eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River.

Bagan Activities

It is a fact that Bagan is beautiful, with its towering monuments, ancient architecture and ruins and the best way to see all of these is from an air balloon.

Hiking and biking are physical activities that are great for exercise, but they are also a good method for seeing and experiencing the rest of Bagan. River cruises and golf also help make discovering Bagan a truly memorable experience.

Air Ballooning over BaganThe best way to take in the sights in the ancient city of Bagan is from an air balloon as one can see the monuments from a different perspective. The best time for air ballooning is just before sunrise or at sunset. The duration of the flight is about 45 minutes to an hour.

Location: Details of the flight vary and depend on tour operator.

You can take a ballon over Bagan like in the fairy tales. (Source: The Internet)

Biking in BaganBiking combines adventure and culture in one activity and Bagan is considered as one of the best biking destinations in the country. Tourists can have fun and stay active as they explore the villages and learn more about the locals. Bikers can explore the back roads between rice fields, the scenic countryside and of course the ancient temples.

Location: Details of the biking tours vary and depend on tour operator.

GolfingGolfers may be surprised that they can actually enjoy a game or two in the ancient city. This can be done at the Bagan Nyaung Oo Golf Club in the Amazing Bagan Resort Hotel. The 18-hole, 7,147-yard golf course is surrounded by thousand-year-old pagodas.

Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00Location: Nyaung Oo Township, Bagan.

HikingHiking is another way to explore Bagan and it’s a great place for it mainly because of Mount Popa. The extinct volcano is home to many shrines, which can be accessed by a 25-minute climb. More often than not, there are packages that combine biking and hiking in one tour.

Location: Details of the hiking tours vary and depend on tour operator.

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