It is said that Putao is the best place to have trekking trip in Myanmar so tourists who love the blood bumping activities often search for tour in this area. This beautiful town sprawls across several hills in a green valley of the snow-capped Himalaya and is home to the ethnic people of Rawang, Lisu, Kachin, Shan and the last remaining Taron on earth, the only known pygmy group in Asia. However, it is not easy to plan a trip to this far north region.

Let’s read the guidelines of Ideal Travel Asia to prepare for your trip in Putao.

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  1. Visit permission to Putao

The first and foremost is to remember that you can visit Putao downtown area freely but you need special permission from the Myanmar government to trek in the remote area. If you plan to go further into the off-beaten track, it is advisable to have a tour operator or service provider to apply for persmission for you as it will take long to apply yourself with heaps of administrative frustration. Our advice is that you plan early and leave sufficient time to sort out the permission as it normally take 1 month to have one.

Except Putao downtown where you can romp freely as you want, you will need a professional tour guide from a licensed travel company to accompany you throughout your trekking in the remote area.

Check out this link from Myanmar Government for the restricted area:

  1. Weather in Putao

It is recommended to a trekking visit in Putao is from October to April, when daytime temperatures are quite pleasant and nights are cool. The best time is November to February as you have clear blue sky, warm days and cool evenings. The temperature is expected to drop steadily with snowfall sometimes coming to December so your trek might be challenging during this time.

From May – October: it is the rainy season in this region so not recommendable for your trekking. However, this is the time for you to check out the flora and fauna of Mount Hkakaborazi which is otherwise impossible to visit during heavy snowfall in the winter.

  1. How to get to Putao

The best way to get to Putao for a tourist is by air: You can take a flight from Yangon, Mandalay or Myitkyian to Putao airport. Remember to check the flight schedule before planning as the flight to this region is not daily schedule.

Our tip: You can check at the official website of the Golden Myanmar Airline, which is cheaper, or Air Bagan or Myanmar National Airline to find the date and price for your flight.

  1. Accommodation in Putao

There are not many options for you when it comes to accommodation in those remote areas so prepare yourself for a simple nights throughout the journey. You have the following to choose for your stay at Putao:


  • Malikha Lodge: This lodge is more high-end than the other two but it is worth every penny. It has bungalows looking out the beautiful scenery and the murmuring spring. It’s a lush jungle hideaway in the nature. Remember that it is located far from the airport and town.
  • Hotel Putao: This hotel located near the airport and far from the town but it has nice room and services. If you come in off season, you will have the hotel for your own and have a special treatment from the staff too.
  • Putao Trekking House: this is a good option for trekkers as it is price friendly than the other two mentioned above. The rooms and service are alright though power is sporadic sometimes.


  • Guesthouse: If you are looking just for a sleepover with budget, you can stay at guesthouse. There are two guesthouses in Putao named Kham Su Ko Guesthouse and Hta Wa Razi Guesthouse.

+ Kham Su Ko: Located in the downtown and face to the market, this family owned guesthouse offer a cozy stay for individual travellers who wants to try home sleep in Putao and prefer to support local family by your visiting.

+ Hta Wa Razi belongs to a Rawam family. It is in the downtown so you can easy to visit morning market, villages, education center of Hkakaborazi and Phonganrazi national park.

  • If you plan to have a long trek further into the remote area, you might use sleeping bags and mattresses at the villages and tent in the forest. This will be varied depending on the taken route and the travel company that you book the trek with.
  • Bathroom is available at all villages but maybe not real shower. It is expected that you have to take a bath and wash the cloth in a private place at village house.

  1. Packing for the trek

Don’t take the matter of packing lightly as it will be the key to success for your trekking tour. And you’d better pack your bag as lightly as possible as it is you who have to carry it throughut the journey. You should take the below with you:

  • Good trekking shoe and snow boot if it is necessary
  • Walking stick for adventure expedition and trekking peak trek
  • Rain coat and windbreaker for adventure expedition
  • Head lamp and lighter
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun cream and sun glass are also recommended
  • Hat and wool hat
  • Personal important pharmacy


  1. Trekking tour in Putao

Here is our recommendation for your trekking tour in Putao:




We hope those information is helpful for your trekking trip in Putao, Myanmar.

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