You like travelling, You have come to visit so many places in the world, but now you still have a chance to explore Vietnam. It’s very neccessary for foreign guests who haven’t known anything about currency and weather of this nation – keys for safe and sound trips. Here are 5 tips that should help you deal with these problems.

1. Notice the time you are in Vietnam so that you can predict the weather.

Vietnam lies in the tropical area, that is why it has efficient weather – features of monsoon. However, Vietnam has some truly remarkable weather patterns. In the north, regardless of what you may have read in 1 of the guide books in particular there are usually 4 typical seasons in a year. In the mountains up on the Chinese border it even snows sometimes. In the south it’s the typical 2 season, tropical climate with both wet and dry !

It is usually cool and drizzled in Spring while dry and windy weather are dominating kinds of weather in Autumn. Spring begins on January or February and ends on April or May. So it will be amazing to come Vietnam during these 2 periods.

However, Summer and Winter also attract visitors by such many particular activities to do and enjoy.

Featured monsoon weather of Vietnam you should consider. (Source: The Internet)

So our advice is that you should consider the weather and the time so that you could choose the most suitable destination and activities.

CNN have a good weather forecast page as do the BBC & you can do a search for anywhere in Viet Nam that you would like a forecast for & it’s a good idea especially with so much silly advice about monsoons, typhoons and the like in Viet Nam.

2. Bring a local map that provides range of Exchange Points or use online support.

The currency in Vietnam really is the “Dong& yes we’ve heard all the 1 liners about it we ever want to hear !

Currently the VND is worth approximately;

$1.00 USD = 21,000 VND (Approx)

$1.00 AUD = 15,000 VND (Approx)

Foreign Exchange – usual interest of visitors. (Source: The Internet)

What’s your currency worth in Vietnam ?

Try XE.com Personal Currency Assistant.

It’s a great web tool, it’s accurate & easy to use.

3. About Foreign Exchange.

The (State) Vietcom bank is the main bank for foreign exchange and accepts most major currencies. They have branches & even sub branches in many of the gold/jewellery shops, all over Vietnam.

Surely that there are many other banks that provide Exchange Service, however we highly recommend you to use Vietcombank’s service and STAY AWAY FROM the Black Market because of frauds or risks that strangers may get when first time to step on a new country.

Vietcombank-Top Foreign Bank of Vietnam. (Source: The Internet)

4. Do I need to take cash or VND to Vietnam?

Kinds of Plastic Silver Papers of Vietnam. (Source: The Internet)

The simple answer is – No, you don’t

We’re often surprised when we hear from people (only ever tourists & the authors of 1 particular guide book) that you need to take USD to Vietnam. You don’t & haven’t needed to for over 16 years now. An Australian/New Zealand bank (the ANZ) was, in fact, the 1st foreign bank of exchange to open in Vietnam in 1993.

These days you name it, you can exchange it. Aussie & Canadian dollars, Japanese Yen, the Euro, Singapore dollars & of course, UK Pound Sterling.

5. Taking your own currency with you to Vietnam will definitely save you money.

There’s usually a commission you have to pay your bank to change into USD & the rate your bank gives you is rarely the latest market rate so you get got at twice. Bringing your own currency to Viet Nam is much easier to deal with because it’s familiar & using the local currency in Vietnam helps their economy & that’s a good thing to do in any developing country. When you’re leaving Viet Nam you simply change your VND back to whatever currency you like at the airport, no fuss, no bother & you’ll get the REAL, daily full market rate too.

Many younger tourists (particularly Aussies) are infatuated with having the USD & it seems to make them feel more American. So, if you’re one of those & feel like you’d just love to have some USD to carry, please be careful it’s not the ’90, ’93, ’96 or 2002 series as those series were very widely counterfeited & are often rejected at the Banks here in Vietnam.

And of course there are many other factors that you might consider when intending to come our country, don’t heritage to ask us what you are fond of. We are very glad to answer your questions.

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