Thailand known for its breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, and the finest beaches of the world…It’s always important to familarize yourself with local customs before traveling somewhere, out of respect. There are a lot of serious taboos in Thai culture that you should be aware of before you travel to have an amazing trip.

Respecting for Buddha

Thai people are mostly Buddhist so you should show respect to their Buddha, applicable also to statues and photos of Buddha, large or small. Needless to say, climbing onto Buddha’ statues or wearing scanty clothing to temples is also considered disrespectful.You should have your shoulders, legs and cleavage covered. If you are unsure, there are usually signs at the temple entrance showing what appropriate and inappropriate clothing entails.

There are a total of 40,717 Buddhist temples in Thailand. (Source: The Internet)

Meet the transgender

You should feel surprised when you find transgenders popular in Thailand because, being an overt population, they have become cultural resources in this Southeast Asian country.

Be careful with the girl who are beautiful in Thailand (Source: The Internet)

Respect the Thai Royal Family

This is a must. Although the Thai Royal Family no longer governs the country, they are still being held in great respect by the people of Thailand.

The Royal Family of Thailand is so respected and loved by the Thais (Source; The Internet)

Sunbathing Nude

It is considered rude in Thailand. It may be a common sight at Patong Beach, but it is definitely not something one should do in the country.

You should not brave enough to sunbathe topless on the beach at Thailand (Source: The Internet)

Disrespecting Monks

You ought to realise by now that there are two groups of people or objects that you should not disrespect when in Thailand. The first being the Thai Royal Family and the second being Buddha-related objects or people which includes Buddhist monks. Buddhist monks are highly respected in Thailand and they are bound by oath to not touch women. Women are also not allowed to make any offerings directly to the monks.

Especially, if you are a woman, don’t touch monks because Buddhist monks are highly revered in Thailand. (Source; The Internet)

Excessive Public Displays of Affection

Although some younger Thais are becoming increasingly westernized, public display of affection is generally frowned upon in this country.

Kissing in Thailand is impolite. Please be Discerete (Source; The Internet)

Pointing with Your Feet

Feet are considered to be the dirtiest and the lowest part of the body, symbolically and physically, to Thais. Hence, pointing with your feet at a person or an object is a sign of disrespect, the same as raising one’s feet higher than their head.

Feet are considered to be the dirtiest at Thailand (Source: The Internet)

Public toilets

Always carry toilet Paper, hand wash and a small hand towel because you will not find those items in public toilets in Thailand.

Touching the Head of a Thai

If the feet are the dirtiest part on a person’s body, the head is regarded as the highest. It is seen as the home and soul of one’s spirit so touching Thai’s head or passing things over it is definitely unprudent.

Touching someone’s head is very very badly at Thailand (Source: The Internet)

Walking When the National Anthem is Playing

Every day at 6 PM, the National Anthem will be played at various locations across over Thailand. You will notice that when the anthem starts, all Thais (at least where you can hear the anthem) will come to a complete standstill. Out of respect, you should also do the same even if you are rushing off somewhere or if you need the toilet urgently. It won’t take too much of your time.

These are just a few important things that you will need to keep in mind when visiting Thailand. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contacting us via idealtravelasia@gmail.com. We look forward to helping you plan your trip.


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