If you come to Vietnam, there are some interesting activities Ideal Travel Asia recommend you to try out.

1. Tailors of Hoi An

There are stores here where you can get a dress within 24 hours (Source; The Internet)

Tailor made clothing might be expensive in your country but it is not in Vietnam. While you take in the historic city, great restaurants and unique nightlife, a local will be working away on custom suits, dresses, shirts or even shoes for you. Ready within one day with world renown quality, this is the best time you can pick one suitable dress or suit for you in a very short time.

2. The “War Remnants Museum”

War Remnants Museum: A popular attraction for visitor (Source; The Internet)

Formerly “The House for Displaying War Crimes of American Imperialism and the Puppet Government of South Vietnam.” The name was recently the “Museum of American War Crimes,” and as recently as 1993 known as the “War Crimes Museum.” As the former names suggest, this museum is dedicated to the other side of the war and the atrocities committed during the Vietnam War. Every American should visit this to consider if our actions abroad are in line with our national values

3. Crossing the street, or walking on the sidewalk

Both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are rivals for adventurous street crossing. The beauty is that if you walk at a steady rate, you will get your own Moses moment as the traffic parts for you.

4. Bia Hoi

Bia Hoi – Cheap and unique Beer of Vietnam (Source; The Internet)

Ta Hien – The foreign quarter of Hanoi is the best place for everyone including Vietnamese and foreigners to drink a toast or make friends.Nothing beats a cold beer except for a $0.25 cold beer on the streets of Hanoi. Called “fresh beer” this was traditionally homebrewed beer, but these days can be mass produced keg beer. You will make friends and enjoy watching the locals work their way through traffic and possibly around your seat in the street.

5. The river markets of the Mekong Delta

The mighty Mekong River dominates life in the south of Vietnam with transport and trade occurring on the water. Hop on a boat to visit the floating markets and eat breakfast that you purchase from vendors rowing your way.By sailing on the river, you can know more about the floating houses or markets here, that’s a cultural beauty of one Southeast Asian Country like Vietnam. Besides, you can have a party on boat with fire or eat fish after fishing.You can have a trip to Mekong Delta, see MEKONG RIVER TRIP ” WATER WORLD” TOUR IN CAMBODIA

6. Cruise in an ancient junk in Ha Long Bay

Visit one of the wonders of the world (Source; The Internet)

“Bay of Descending Dragons” – a world heritage site famous for limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes. You can enjoy the beauty of one of the world’s wonders, it is said that Halong Bay is beautiful like a painting. The food here is also special and you would have much time taking nice photos with your friends on boat.

7. Eat Pho

Pho is proud of to be the famous traditional cuisine of Vietnam (Source; The Internet)

Vietname Noodles – and drink Vietnamese coffee at any one of the many pop-up cafes. It’s cheap and you just have to point to what you want.Pho is one of 3 words that appear in English dictionary including Pho, Ao dai and Banh my. Pho is always special to foreigners, not only with those who have it for the first time but also with those who have ever tasted it. In fact, if you come to Vietnam, it would be verry sorry if you have no chance to eat Pho.

8. Tour Vietnam on the back of a motorcycle or bicycle

it’s a great way to cover long distances, see the countryside, go off the beaten track, and feel like a local.Foreigners and Vietnamese travellers usually trek or ride a bike or motorbike along the country. On the way, they stop whenever they are tired, meet the local and make new friends. That is the most interesting thing in this kind of trip. It is also comfortable and free when driving to all of the peaceful parts of our beautiful nation.

9. Drink snake wine

This is a challenge for someone who is afraid of snakes (Source; The Internet)

It’s believed to improve health and virility – or Saigon Do. Like cafes, the bars only pop up at night. Mot, hai, ba, do (one, two, three, cheers)This is a verry difficult challenge for strangers because snakes are like alive, but once you try it, you would like it and want to buy some for gift.

10. Crawl through the Cu Chi tunnels

It will be exciting to try to crawl the very narrow tunnels (Source; The Internet)

Used by the Viet Cong guerillas as hiding spots, view the remnants of the bomb craters, and even fire an AK-47 nearby.This place contains many dramatic memories and heritage about the past war, how Vietnamese soldiers fought against the enemies and the difficult period of time. Coming to see this is not only an amazing experienc to you, but also makes you remember the past and respect the present.You can check more about Cu Chi in CU CHI TUNNELS – DRAMATIC HISTORICAL SIGHT

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